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Practice Range
In the basement of the shop we have a 6-lane 20 yard shooting range with two portable target butts that can be moved up to 5 yards if needed. The practice range is open for public use during shop hours. The cost to use the practice range is $5.00 per hour per visit. Cost of paper targets vary from $.70 for NFAA single and 5-spot targets to $3.50 for animal targets. We also sell practice range cards for $32.00 plus tax which gives shooters 10 visits and 10 NFAA targets.

We have pop machines, tables and chairs for shooters to use while they are shooting or watching other shooters. Storage lockers are available for rent if needed.

Tuning Range
We have a separate tuning range that is used for paper tuning and chronographing arrow speed for bows.

Technohunt by Archery Interactive
In this range, shooters use their own equipment and use the special target tips to shoot at the screen. The computer shows different scenes from North American to African animals which are projected on the screen to be shot at. The Technohunt can be shot by one shooter up to 6 shooters that rotate on taking the shots. Technohunt can be set up in 15 minute increments depending on the number of shooters. a 15 minute session will give you approximately 24-28 shots. The cost to shoot is $24.00 per hour or $6.00 per 15 minute sessions.

We have a Technohunt League in the fall, winter and spring. This is a two-person team event where each shooter will shoot 30 shots per week for 8 weeks. The cost to shoot league is $25.00 per team of $12.50 for each shooter and $6.00 each week for league score. The scenes are changed each week of league. Teams can pick their own day and time to shoot during regular shop hours and must have all eight scores in by the last day of league.

Payback is in K&B Archery Gift Certificates and are given out for top scratch score, team score with handicap and a consolation drawing for shooters that don’t place but finish the league. the payback for placings depend on the number of teams shooting.